woodwormWhat is woodworm?

The timber that makes up the property appears weaker thanks to being riddled with tiny holes, caused by insects as gnaw through the wood. However, the term “woodworm” doesn't relate to a worm at all, but is caused by a beetle grub. If you think you have woodworm, look for fresh round or oval-shaped exit holes in timber. There may also be tunnels in the wood - also known as 'galleries' which are often hard to see. Bore dust is caused by emerging adult beetles, usually visible below the infested timber.

How do you get rid of woodworm?

If your woodworm problem only affects small items such as furniture, you can effectively treat it yourself using the right techniques and treatments. Larger areas and floorboards need specialist spays and often access under the floors to get to the source of the problem. Call Purple Pest for advice and treatment options.

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