Moles, rabbits, foxes, squirrels
These wild animal can end up being a real nuisance if not controlled.


Moles naturally live in sandy, free-draining soil but the can ‘lose their way’, tunnelling under sports pitches, paddocks, bowling greens etc. leaving their mole hills scattered all around. With their tunnels also criss-crossing only a few metres underground, the ground can also become unstable. Trapping or gassing are humane solutions.


A pest that many people think nothing much can be done about, these wild animals have a population that numbers millions; ALL landowners has a legal duty to control rabbits on their land and we have a variety of treatments and proofing measures that can minimise the damage rabbits cause.


A wild animal, the fox has learnt that local towns offer them rich pickings in terms of food; nocturnal animals, they can be a nuisance rummaging through bins etc. There are solutions in terms of prevention that stop foxes being such a problem.


Preferring woodland, squirrels can, however, find the attics and other enclosed spaces of buildings a great place to nest and raise their young. Squeezing through small gaps, no bigger than their head, squirrels gnaw at all manner of items, from wooden structures to electrical cabling.   Trapping and removing the animal is the solution but should only be done by a qualified pest control technician.



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