We offer extreme cleaning services for commercial, corporate and industrial customers. If your property has been left in a negative condition from a crime, trauma, bio-hazard issue or other, we can clean your property and exterior to bring it back to your original or better state.

Due to an increase in demand, Purple Pest have now set up a division dedicated to cleaning up the mess left after a large or prolonged infestation. This could be anything, from a shed to a mansion, and we can clear and sanitize the property ready for re-use.

property infestations

Infestations can come about from a number of cases, such as poor tenants and squatters, or rodent or bird damage. We are licensed waste carriers and can provide proof of disposal.

Don't risk serious health issues - call in a professional team to deal with the issue safely and professionally.

Purple Pest are dedicated to protecting the environment and the wildlife around so where practicably possible we will recycle as we clear, so for a professional and swift service call Purple Pest cleaning services.

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