Unattended properties can quickly fall into disrepair as mold, damp, weeds, fungi and other unwanted influences are free to take hold. Rodents may find shelter inside. Empty homes may also be visited by squatters or homeless individuals. If utilities such as water, gas and electricity are still connected, an unattended property runs the risk of flooding or fire from damaged pipes and wires. The number of factors that must be checked, repaired and made safe before a property can be lived or worked in again mounts the longer the building remains empty.

Purple Pest will deal with any occurrence or situation rapidly and professionally to make sure that deadlines are met and any losses are kept to a minimum.

Our trained staff carry out clearance and disposal of a wide range of contents on a daily basis. We also carry out extreme clears and cleans which may include sharps removal, pest control, attic and basement cleaning, sanitisation and odour control services in house.

Our empty or void property service offers a one stop solution to any type of property, such as houses, flats, warehouses and industrial premises that are currently empty for a variety of reasons. These may range from properties that have reached an end of tenancy, or properties that have been affected by fire or flood or other incidents.

Sometimes the problem lies not with a property being left unoccupied, but rather having been lived in by problem tenants or squatters, who have left the residence unfit for new occupants.

Purple Pest offer a boarding up service to deter any further unwanted guests.

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