The term ‘biohazard’, or biological hazard, refers to substances that pose a threat to health. These include bodily fluids such as blood, faeces or vomit that can carry infectious diseases including hepatitis or HIV.

Such hazards may be a result from a crime or traumatic event such as an accident or suicide, or may be found following squatters or residents living in squalid conditions. Human waste and toxic or corrosive substances fall under the definition of bio-hazards and require expert, specialist care to clean up. Even discounting the risk of infection, bodily fluid incidents should be dealt with in a timely manner to avoid substances soaking into porous surfaces such as soft furnishings and being much harder to remove later.

On arriving at a scene we work quickly to identify the threat and to find the correct approach of cleaning substances and procedures to return the area to its pre-incident state. Our aim is not only to disinfect and deodorise the immediate area but to ensure that for a commercial client they can resume working as soon as possible with minimal loss of revenue.

In addition to bio-hazard cleaning, we also provide a number of other services, including domestic deep cleaning, social housing cleaning as well as fire and flood restoration. We are fully insured and health and safety compliant. We provide afe disposal of sharps such as needles and blades is necessary as these items pose not just an immediate safety risk but are also health hazards due to the possibility of infection.

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