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With PURPLE PEST, pests don’t stand a chance!
In addition to bugging you, pests pose serious risks to your health and property all year long. And rodents carry various diseases, so it’s important to keep them in their place.

If you need advice and action, call us on 07964 972121, or use the contact form where you can also send us a photo of the problem

Wasp and Bee Removal or Relocation
Wasps can be more than just a nuisance - particularly if they feel the nest is being threatened - so it is important to have them removed by experts. Call Cliff at PurplePest for fast and efficient action to get the problem sorted.

Need advice? Call us on 07964 972121, or send a message

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Pest Gallery
With our award-winning training and advanced technology, PURPLE PEST will look for conditions that invite pests, tackle current infestations, and stop the life cycle to prevent future invaders.
PURPLE PEST serves clients in Shropshire and North Wales, and prides itself on total client satisfaction. Over the years the company has gained a valued customer base with some of the UK’s leading organisations. It is because of the experience within PURPLE PEST that we can continue to offer you, our clients, the best in service, quality and value for money.
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What our customers say

“Your very prompt and professional response to service requests. I hope we will be working together for the foreseeable future. Thanks once again for a job well done”

“I find the call centre very polite and the response was rapid, my call was dealt with efficiently”

“Purple Pest made me feel important as a client, and the quality of the work carried out from start to finish was faultless, I would definitely recommend their services”